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We wondered whether we should use the About US page to blast names and CVs, but looking back at Acid House (1987-1990), it didn’t matter who you were or where you came from. In terms of opening online stores and producing niche products for this demographic. What’s important is the product and service we supply to our family of international customers.

The marketplace is saturated with Acid House merchandise, produced by mostly unconnected companies cashing in on a trend. We took the name Acid House Store because we did our tour of duty at the helm of the Acid House wave that gripped the entire country.

Our intention is to produce exclusive apparel and household goods of high standards. We are creative’s with a thirst for originality and consider our collection works of art.

Acid House was the biggest thing to happen in our lives, how we remember the period is equally as important as the experience itself. It’s taken over thirty years to open this store, we have no intention of producing anything unworthy of its memory.

Supporting this platform helps us to expand our network and develop new opportunities for creative’s, event organisers and music heads.

We Never Surrendered… Big Love 😉


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